New website, new social media in Econ’s marketing mix

Econ Group is excited to announce the launch of its newly designed website

Now utilizing WordPress coding the site incorporates a Blog space, a Twitter feed and many updated project photos. “The Deep Focus (from Elegant Themes) template we’ve adapted really conveys the look that we often achieve in the modern homes we build. Our previous website’s designer (and owner of one of Econ’s Design-Built homes), Edmund Arceo at Spiderplus Graphics worked his magic and it was just a perfect fit,” says Dalit Holzman, Econ Group’s Manager of Communication and Marketing.

What’s more is that with the further functionality programmed by Vancouver’s own awesome team at SplitMango the site now will stay up-to-date more continuously, with fresh photo galleries and links to Econ’s multiple social media platforms.

Pinterest is taking social media by storm, to be sure. The virtual Mecca of digital curation is providing us and our clients an invaluable resource for cataloguing visual design and building resources. Says Michael Dutson, Principal of Econ Group, “Pinterest means that when a client says they want a set of modern stairs, for example, we can just click to our ‘Staircases’ board to help them convey to us exactly the kind of look they are after. It is an intensely powerful tool for anyone doing business with anything having a visual component.”

In addition to Econ’s new presence on Pinterest, we also have a growing number of followers on Twitter (@econgroupltd) and Facebook (at Econ Group Construction and Development Ltd.)

“Econ feels so fortunate to be involved in conversation spanning from green city planning to cutting-edge architecture to construction management software,” says Econ’s Dalit Holzman. “The goal for our next stage of Marketing growth is to facilitate even more dialogue between the design world and homeowners embarking on the home-building process. Econ Group understands that at the heart of any beautifully designed and built home lies a construction process based on a spirit of open-communication and an ability to listen. When a homeowner feels that one of the largest undertakings of their personal life (i.e., the building of their home) has been a joy-filled experience…well, just think of how that rubs off on their subsequent day-today life within that home.”