Vancouver Passive Duplex

Situated in East Vancouver this Passive Duplex is the first in the Vancouver area. Set to complete summer 2016 the home will accommodate 3 generations, separately and privately. As with other homes built to the Passive House standard, the house includes triple pane windows, a high performance heat recovery ventilation system, advanced framing elements, and details to achieve an ultra airtight building envelope.

In addition, for this project an array of photovoltaic panels will be installed on the south-facing garage roof to produce electricity all year round cutting the utility costs to almost zero (Net Zero), aiming at a Passive House PLUS or PREMIUM Standard.

Vancouver’s new building bylaws now require increased energy efficiency; this project aims to demonstrate how to exceed these goals and add value for the same construction costs as a standard custom home to maximize our client's ROI.

The program includes: a West Coast design theme, an open layout with lots of natural light, optimized solar gains for maximum comfort, renewable energy production via PV system, environmentally friendly materials and products, ultra low maintenance, a handicap accessible basement suite, an electric car charging station




Designed by Marken Design + Consulting. Thanks also to Marken for the text and rendering shown here.