Casa Pasiva Low Energy Infill

A nearly Passive infill home at 15th and St. Catherine's in East Vancouver.





Client needs

  • to provide accommodation for themselves and their teenage son
  • living spaces at ground floor connected to a shared open space between the two buildings, maximize penetration of natural daylight to these areas
  • provide a little separation for the sons bedroom from the living spaces to achieve some privacy and independence
  • provide an upper level loft type space for the couple to accommodate bedroom, workspace as well as bathroom with a small sauna
  • upper floor deck to take advantage of northern view to the mountains
  • provide an interior rock plant garden

Home performance facts

  • Total square feet: ~ 1100
  • Design heat load: 27 Kwh/m2/year
  • Design heating/cooling demand: 2300 kWh/a
  • Design Air tightness: less than 0.6 ACH
  • High Performance Heat Recovery Ventilation: 93% efficiency
  • Triple Pane Wood Windows: U-value 0.8; SHGC 52%
  • Building Envelope: R-value 39 (Walls), R 50 (Roof)

Other green features

  • Rainwater collection
  • Low flow fixtures throughout
  • Solar hot water panels and drain water heat recovery
  • Native landscaping and permeable paving where necessary
  • Lumber from FSC certified sources
  • Flooring and millwork from sustainable sources
  • Regionally sourced materials where possible and appropriate
  • Use of recycled materials where possible
  • No VOC used

Designed by Marken Design + Consulting. Thanks also to Marken for the text and rendering shown here.